Welcome back to another installment into the 2017 Wide Receiver PPR Cheat Sheet. Here is my Top 13-30 Rankings with 2017 Projection and Outlook insight. The rest of the Top 65 is slowly being produced, but for now here is my Top 13-30 with projections and justification. Please feel free to like, share, and subscribe to my content as we here at fantasyisntfun aim to produce free fantasy football content for you every day. Keep in mind this is for point per catch formats – my standard scoring cheat sheets will be releasing soon!

13. Sammy Watkins, BUF
2017 Projection: 74 receptions / 1184 yards / 9 touchdowns (246 points)
Outlook: Seemingly at full health entering 2017, Watkins enters the season in a “prove it” year, meaning he is essentially playing for a new contract. A true playmaker when on the field, if Watkins can get his health together this season and stay on the field, he is a lock for a few huge games and a few weeks where he wins the matchup for you single handedly. His upside is TY Hilton; his downside is filling your IR slot for half of the year. I think Sammy finally figures it all out in 2017 and even finds some weekly consistency as well. A fine gamble if you can snare one of my Top 12 options early in your draft.

14. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI
2017 Projection: 100 receptions / 1000 yards / 7 touchdowns (242 points)
Outlook: The ageless wonder, the Canton-bound Fitzgerald returns to an offense that actually wasn’t as bad as it seemed over the last half of last season. There is speculation that this will be Fitzgerald’s last season in the NFL, and if so, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the all-time greats. He has been consistent even as he as aged, and returns again as the Cardinals #1 passing game weapon. With the departure of Michael Floyd and the uncertainty in the health of some of the other Cardinal pass catchers, I like Fitzgerald to provide the same consistency that he has put forth for his entire career.

15. Doug Baldwin, SEA
2017 Projection: 88 receptions / 1108 yards / 7 touchdowns (240 points)
Outlook: Two years ago, Doug Baldwin cemented himself as an excellent weekly fantasy option by scoring 14 touchdowns in the season. Last year further cemented that position for Baldwin as he was an excellent fantasy WR2. I expect him to remain as such this year in an offense full of weapons, especially at running back. A porous offensive line really limit Baldwin’s deep opportunities, however as Russell Wilson’s favorite target, Baldwin will get his targets and opportunities as a true target all over the field.


16. Deandre Hopkins, HOU
2017 Projection: 88 receptions / 1144 yards / 6 touchdowns (238 points)
Outlook: Deandre Hopkins would be a top 5 fantasy receiver on most teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, he is on a team that has never really had a great quarterback situation at any point in their history. Houston drafted Deshaun Watson in this year’s NFL Draft, hoping to find that stability for the quarterback position. Unfortunately, they project to have a subpar starter in Tom Savage, at least in the early going of the 2017 season. If Watson hits the field, I like Hopkins even more. Until we reach that point, I think Hopkins is a middling WR2 limited by a passer who struggles in most situations as a quarterback.

17. John Brown, ARI
2017 Projection: 72 receptions / 1051 yards / 9 touchdowns (231 points)
Outlook: Another surprise Top 20 entrant, John Brown is the second option in the Cardinals once-feared passing attack who has done well in the past (see 2015.) 2016 was supposed to be a big year for Brown as well, but he was severely hampered by a sickle-cell trait and other soft tissue injuries that made it difficult to play. Brown is now healthy and ready to assume the #2 role in the Cardinals offense once more. He is an excellent compliment to Larry Fitzgerald, and with Fitzgerald and running back David Johnson drawing attention from the defense, I expect Brown to get many opportunities this season and to cash in on most of them. A great bargain at his ADP.

18. Jarvis Landry, MIA
2017 Projection: 95 receptions / 1045 yards / 5 touchdowns (229 points)
Outlook: Landry has the most receptions in NFL history through his first 3 seasons in the NFL (he is actually tired with Odell Beckham for this record.) Not known for scoring touchdowns, Landry does a lot of his work between the 20s. A security blanket for Ryan Tannehill, Landry projects to have a ton of receptions yet again this year in an offense that seems to be ascending. His touchdown upside is not too high however, and he is a much safer bet in PPR leagues than in standard leagues. He’s a safe choice, and not necessarily a sexy one. You can do better for upside with other players around his ADP.

19. Demaryius Thomas, DEN
2017 Projection: 92 receptions / 1067 yards / 5 touchdowns (228 points)
Outlook: Thomas has six straight 1,000 yard seasons, and is one of the most dominant receivers in the league. Built in the mold of Calvin Johnson, Thomas is yet another wide receiver who is severely limited by a terrible stable of quarterbacks. It’s hard to rely on a player like Thomas, who can become completely obsolete in some match-ups due to bad quarterback play combined with a tougher secondary assignment. We all know what Thomas can do with a great passer – see: the Manning years. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Broncos will have poor quarterback play yet again this year, which is a sure sign that Thomas will produce like the WR2/3 he has been since the departure of Peyton Manning.

20. Rishard Matthews, TEN
2017 Projection: 72 receptions / 1080 yards / 8 touchdowns (228 points)
Outlook: A free agent signing in the 2016 offseason, Matthews burst onto the scene in a big way last year, almost hitting 1,000 yards and showing that he can be the guy for an offense. He displayed skills that were never able to be shown in a crowded Miami receiving corps, and really grew into a true downfield weapon for the Tennessee offense. Matthews is an excellent player and seems to have a serious rapport with young gun Marcus Mariota. Tennessee added a lot to their offense this offseason in Eric Decker, Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor, but I expect Matthews to hold down his role as a familiar, downfield weapon for Mariota and provide excellent value for his price.

APTOPIX Titans Bears Football

21. Tyreek Hill, KC
2017 Projection: 68 receptions / 720 yards / 7 touchdowns; 28 rushes / 336 rushing yards / 2 rushing touchdowns (227 points)
Outlook: A fifth-round draft pick in last year’s draft, there is perhaps no player in the NFL that is faster than Tyreek Hill. A home-run threat from literally everywhere on the field, Hill displays an ability to separate, run deep, and take little dump offs to the house. He is even a threat out of the backfield and on special teams, and can truly score from anywhere on the field. In return yardage leagues, he is truly a bonafide WR1 – even with the news that he won’t be returning kicks this year. In standard and PPR leagues, it’s hard to buy in to his stat line from last year – was it all a fluke? Or is he the real deal? Suddenly thrust into the #1 role this season with the departure of Jeremy Maclin, Hill seems primed for even more opportunities to get touches. Will other teams figure him out? Or will he just outrun them?

22. Willie Snead, NO
2017 Projection: 80 receptions / 1040 yards / 7 touchdowns (226 points)
Outlook: From undrafted free agency to starting wide receiver for the Saints, Willie Snead has quietly put together two excellent fantasy seasons for the Saints. As stated in the Michael Thomas blurb, there ar eplenty of targets to be had in New Orleans, and Snead stands to benefit from his departure just as Thomas should. Snead is a reliable, possession-type threat for Drew Brees who has shown the ability to score and move the chains consistently. Snead is a Brees favorite and he will have an increase in targets as well. A seemingly-forgotten man for fantasy purposes, Snead will be a great player you can get a bit later on this year.

23. Brandin Cooks, NE
2017 Projection: 70 receptions / 1085 yards / 8 touchdowns (226 points)
Outlook: A lot of websites have Cooks rated extremely high. I’m not as high on him at all, to be frank. There are so many mouths to feed in the New England offense, and Cooks has never really been the picture of consistency at his position. I do expect him to play well, but not have the Randy Moss-like effect that many other fantasy communities are projecting. Cooks will get his, but will have to contend with Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell, Rob Gronkowski, Dwayne Allen, James White, Mike Gillislee, and Rex Burkhead for offensive attention. Yes, you don’t trade a first round pick for a guy you don’t plan to incorporate at least moderately, but I don’t think he’s a 10-target per week guy. I think he becomes a boom-bust option that isn’t as reliable as we think he will be at this current point in the offseason. Tread carefully.

24. Golden Tate, DET
2017 Projection: 94 receptions / 996 yards / 5 touchdowns (223 points)
Outlook: Golden Tate is a sneaky good player. He started really slowly last year but came on as the Lions made their late-season playoff push, and has grown into being Matt Stafford’s favorite weapon. A yearly threat for 100 receptions and 1,000 yards, Tate boasts big time PPR value as a forgotten man in an offense that loves th throw the ball around. Paired with Marvin Jones, Matt Stafford has a variety of weapons to utilize in this aerial attack. However, Tate is the most dynamic player of the bunch, able to play both short and long while always being a threat to take the ball to the house. His game is bigger than his name, and he will be an excellent WR3 or low-end WR2 again this year. Don’t sleep on him.

25. Brandon Marshall, NYG
2017 Projection: 75 receptions / 975 yards / 8 touchdowns (220 points)
Outlook: Heading to his 4th team in the last 5 years, Brandon Marshall has never lacked for talent or opportunity. The question with him has always been if he can keep his composure. Known for his locker room antics and unstable nature, Marshall lands with the Giants with perhaps the best quarterback he has ever played with. Now drawing the #2 cornerbacks in coverage, Marshall stands to be a huge red zone threat next to Odell Beckham. In an offense that throws the ball a ton, Marshall will get his touchdowns this year. The yards may not be there, but if he stays healthy, he will be a tremendous red zone weapon for the Giants.

26. Quincy Enunwa, NYJ
2017 Projection: 75 receptions / 1087 yards / 6 touchdowns (219 points)
Outlook: The projected #1 wide receiver on an offense with no real threats around it, #1 receivers always have value based on volume alone. Enunwa had a pretty good year last year despite an average catch rate, and looks to take the next step in 2017 as the team’s biggest threat at wide receiver. He will be hammered with targets by the below-average trio of Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, but fantasy is a game of volume and that alone is what will make Enunwa valuable. They will be behind a lot, and that means a lot of throws. Enunwa may end up turning half (or even less) of his targets into receptions, but he will be a weekly option based on volume alone.

27. Desean Jackson, TB
2017 Projection: 65 receptions / 1170 yards / 6 touchdowns (218 points)
Outlook: Tampa Bay saddled up the big bucks to land Desean Jackson in free agency, and his arrival finally gives Jameis Winston the perfect #2 wide receiver he has been looking for. It’s Year 3 for Winston and he has an offense ripe with weapons. Jackson will be drawing the #2 cornerbacks with Mike Evans commanding much attention from the defense, and this alone will give Jackson a ton of opportunities in the passing game. Still in his (late) prime at 30, Jackson is going to be an excellent weapon for the Tampa Bay offense. I don’t expect WR1 numbers, since it’d be so hard to get to that level in an offense full of options, but a weekly WR3 in an ideal world. He is a candidate to be overdrafted. Not that I think he won’t be any good, but the consistency may not be there.

28. Davante Adams, GB
2017 Projection: 72 receptions / 864 yards / 10 touchdowns (218 points)
Outlook: Davante Adams finally cashed in on his draft position from 2014 last season, as he caught a ton of touchdown passes and seemed to earn the trust of Aaron Rodgers. He still drops his share of passes, however he has developed into an excellent red zone weapon and all-over-the-field option. The passing game volume will always be there for Green Bay, and as the #2 weapon at wide receiver, Adams will have his useful weeks. However, the arrival of tight end Martellus Bennett threatens Adams opportunities, especially in the red zone, and I feel that this addition will impact Adams in the final rankings. A WR3 based on passing game volume, but again, he may struggle for consistency.

29. Adam Thielen, MIN
2017 Projection: 74 receptions / 1036 yards / 6 touchdowns (213 points)
Outlook: Thielen was a very good player in 2016. From relative unknown to weekly WR3, Thielen showed an ability to play all over the field and cemented himself as the #1 threat in the Minnesota passing game. He doesn’t score too often, but the passing game volume is there. His weekly floor seemed to be 4 receptions, which is excellent for a WR3. I definitely expect him to get better as he enters his 4th year in the NFL, and as Bradford’s favorite target, I think he can make a modest improvement on last year’s line. A great WR3 you can probably get late. Don’t sleep on the Minnesota offense this year: if the line improves a little bit, they will be able to score.

30. Stefon Diggs, MIN
2017 Projection: 90 receptions / 990 yards / 4 touchdowns (213 points)
Outlook: Much like Deandre Hopkins, on many other teams, Diggs would be a top fantasy option. He showed well as a rookie in 2015 and drew a fair amount of hype, but injuries and inconsistencies have plauged his career thus far. He’s the #2 option in the passing attack, a passing attack that doesn’t take too many downfield shots. By now, we know what Sam Bradford is. He’s a conservative guy who limits his risks. This doesn’t bode well for Diggs. There will be games where he flashes his ability to take over, but overall I think his name is a bit bigger than his final statline this season. He is going 4 rounds higher than Adam Thielen, which I believe is a huge mistake. He is being drafted way too high.


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